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The Porcupine District Agricultural Society (PDAS) isn’t just the Timmins Fall Fair. Here are some of the other things that the PDAS does in the community.

Wyatt and Hendrix are taking part in our 2020 Seed Program and have decorated their pots and planted their tomatoes. Great job boys!


Proud students from école catholique St-Dominique with their very own baby carrots. The project was a success in many local schools. The children were made aware of the three R (recycle, reuse and reduce).  Each child was given a recycled bottle and reused it to make a planter so as to reduce the amount of water to make sure of the success of this project.


Ecole Catholique Saint Dominique took part in the Canada 150 celebration by planting over 200 red and white tulip bulbs. Each students planted a bulb last fall in hope that they would beautify their flower display in front of the school. Youppi!! They were so glad for everyone of them grew and were so proud to show them off to the parents and community. Thank you to all teachers and parents for their support. Thank you to the Fall Fair Committee (Porcupine District Agricultureal Society) for providing the tulip bulbs. This was a great community project.


Bertha Shaw grade 1 students were so gung-ho in getting a garden ready so as to plant their pumpkin plants which they had started from seeds provided by the Fall Fair Committee (Porcupine District Agricultural Society) and Sylvia Stockill from Bullstock Acres. Thanks to Myra, the teacher for her dedication and involvement with agriculture education. They also made an attempt to grow grape vines in their flower garden. They are anxious to see their plant in the coming fall. To add to all these projects, they visited the Bullstock Acres gardening centre where each one planted a sunflower with Sylvia’s instructions. These they brought home to take care of it themselves. What fun it was!

“Awesome! The kids planted their sunflowers, received a pen and got to taste the stevia plant. She even gave me the whole plant to bring back to school. We had a nice tour and explanation about the steps to grow plants and walked over to check out her big garden. A parent approached me today and told me that her daughter called Bulstock Acres. She didn’t know how she had got the number. I said it’s written on the pen they received. Anyway, my student called her to ask them how the tomato and potato plants were doing.” Myra Ryan


Extendicare Gardens

PDAS along with Bulstock Acres and Canadian Tire have partnered with Extendicare Timmins to provide its residents with the opportunity to grow their own gardens.

Rolly is a resident of Extendicare. He makes sure that all of the plants are watered during the summer months.

Rolly is watching on his tomato, green pepper and cucumber plants so that they grow to be the best in town.